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We specialise in assisting educational institutions
in entering new markets and expanding their outreach
  • Vision
    Our vision is to ensure that every student, regardless of their location, has access to global educational opportunities, enabling them to pursue their dreams and actively contribute to a better world.
  • Mission
    We are dedicated to guiding and empowering educational institutions to broaden their influence, creating a positive and transformative impact on the global society.
  • Values
    We uphold a set of core values that guide our daily actions: ethics, honesty, service, commitment, and integrity.
About us
Regional Focus is a dynamic education consulting and market entry firm with a passionate commitment to making a difference in international education. We specialise in crafting tailor-made strategies to help institutions enter and expand in markets across Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Our core values are deeply rooted in ethics, honesty, service, commitment, and integrity. Our team comprises highly experienced industry professionals who are dedicated to delivering quality and exceptional service.
Our services
Market intelligence and research.
Market strategy and implementation.
In-country representation services.
Agent engagement and agent management.
Marketing activities.
Recruitment assistance.
Academic Partnerships identification and development.
Why make us your choice?
  • 1
    Unmatched Expertise and Experience
    At Regional Focus, market intelligence and research are at the core of our operations. Our team of industry professionals excels in developing customised market strategies, backed by over two decades of experience in market entry and market development.
  • 2
    Established Networks
    We provide access to extensive regional agent networks across Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Latin America. Furthermore, we have built robust relationships with regional institutions and government bodies.
  • 3
    We are a New Zealand-based company committed to upholding rigorous ethical standards, adhering to industry regulations, and operating within the framework of New Zealand's legal system.
How we work
We initiate our partnership by gaining a deep understanding of your objectives and priorities in your target markets. Since each institution has distinct goals, some seek to boost international student enrollment, while others aim to establish regional partnerships or deliver programs abroad. Through a thorough analysis and the application of best practices, we collaborate with you to identify a strategic approach and develop a comprehensive plan tailored to help you realise your objectives in the market.

With decades of industry expertise, we prioritise initiatives strategically to expand your global brand presence and nurture valuable partnerships that support your international growth goals.
The advantages of partnering with us
New Market Entry
Entering a new market entails significant time, travel expenses, and inherent risks.

Our expertise and experience in various markets can help minimise the risks and costs associated with entering new markets. We will identify the best-fit strategies for your institution's success in the region.
In-Country Representation
Every education market has its complexities, fierce competition, and rapid changes. To thrive in these markets, institutions must stay informed and agile. This can be a challenge when operating from overseas.

We provide representation in various markets and serve as your 'Boots on the ground' when you are not physically present, and we offer comprehensive support for establishing your overseas office.
Agent Engagement and Management
Entering new markets demands extensive preparation and the cultivation of trustworthy relationships, a process that often spans several years. In many cases, education agents continue to play a significant role in these markets.

We offer access to our established trusted agent networks and assist you in connecting with top agents to optimise your recruitment efforts.
Finding Academic Partnerships
Finding reliable overseas partnerships can be resource-intensive, particularly for newcomers to unfamiliar markets.

Our expertise lies in assisting you in discovering and identifying reliable partners in regional markets.
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